About VX2 Magazine


Welcome to VX2 Magazine. Believe it or not VX2 started off as a Magazine before transitioning into a YouTube channel. Vasko and Paul have roots as photographers in the glamour photography industry. Combined they have over 30 years of experience shooting some of the most beautiful woman in the world while being published in some of the sexiest men’s magazines. So naturally that experience transitioned into them starting up their own own magazine in 2015. And so VX2 Magazine came into existence.

About VX2 Magazine

VX2 Magazine is a glamour magazine featuring beautiful photos of beautiful woman. Our aim at VX2 Magazine is to feature creativity first and foremost, above all else. Anybody can take a photo of a sexy woman but that does not mean the photo is sexy. We’re looking to feature photographers with that creative touch who just happen to shoot beautiful woman. Without creativity it’s just a snapshot and who gets excited to see another snapshot. We’re looking to build a roster of photographers who contribute regularly so if you’re interested keep reading.

Submitting Content

If you would like to submit photos/videos to VX2 Magazine for consideration for publication click on the button below. We have all the information outlined on that page from downloadable talent releases, to submission procedure to an inspiration gallery. We accept photos submitted from photographers and models and we’ll even accept photos shot on smartphones. As mentioned above creativity is the most important as long as you can show off your creativity how you shoot your photos is up to you.


VX2 Magazine is available to order via Magcloud.com and is printed on demand and shipped out to most parts of the world via the Magcloud service. The magazine is also available as a PDF via Magcloud as well. We haven’t had any issues with magazines showing up damaged or printed badly. In fact we are very happy with Magcloud so we are continuing to use them.


If you are interested in placing an advertisement in the magazine or in videos on our youTube channel please reach out to us via the contact page linked below. Feel free to pitch us your idea and we’ll go from there. If you need your products photographed you’re in luck because we happen to have photographers that can handle that for you.


Is VX2 Magazine an online or print magazine? 
It's both. We have a PDF version of the magazine people can download and we have a print version of the magazine people can order that usually comes with a free PDF. 

If my photos are published do I get a free print copy of the magazine?
No. We use a print on demand service that prints and ships the magazines. We have to pay for each issue of the magazine just like everyone else. But we do send you .jpg tear sheets and a PDF copy of the magazine.

Will you let me know if my photos are not accepted for publication?
Depending on how many submissions we have sometimes it's hard to get back to everybody. If you don't hear from us within 3 weeks you can assume the submission didn't make it through.

Do you edit the photos I submit?
No we don't edit or touch up your photos. However, we sometimes use submitted photos in advertisements for the magazine in which case we may put the VX2 logo on the photo.

What size should I crop the photos to so they fit in the Magazine?
Please don't crop your photos at all. Our graphic designer will crop the photos to fit in the magazine. To make things easier for us please send your full sized edited photos. 300dpi is best.  

Do you pay photographers for content?
Not at this time. Right now this is just a creative endeavour. We want to share your work and give you a platform to get published. That being said we hope to make enough money with this project so that one day we will be able to give back to the contributes.  

Can you un-publish my photos from the Magazine?
Umm that's not how it works. Once photos are published in magazines and shipped out there is no way to un-publish them. 

I have a beautiful set and one of the pictures looks better in black and white. Can I submit one black and white picture and the rest in color?
NO. All color or all black and white. 

I shot this amazing set a few years ago but I never got a model release from the model. Can I still submit the photos?

After I submit the photos who owns the copyright?
You do. VX2 does not take copyright control of any of the images you submit. You still own your images 100%. 

I don't like the photo you selected for the pictorial can you replace it with another photo?
No. Once the magazine is published it's done. Let's keep things simple and follow this simple rule. Don't submit photos you don't want us to publish. 

I got a really cool behind the scenes video from my shoot that got published do you want to feature it on your blog?
Absolutely. Any behind the scenes or video content is always welcome. We'll be happy to post it online and promote you and the Magazine.  

I shot this really cool photo set with my phone can I submit it?
Yes. Provided that the photos are large enough for print and they are creative feel free to submit them.