Date: Saturday Feb 16 - Saturday Feb 23, 2019
Location: Bali, Indonesia (Seminyak)
Earliest arrival time: 4PM
Latest check out time: 12PM
Concept: Fashion, Creative, Artistic, Glamour photo shoots

Organizer: VX2 Magazine (publishing subject to approval of photo sets)



Accommodation Costs: 

  • $895USD per person (Shared Room)
    • based on double occupancy (2ppl in the room), if you know someone else coming and want to room with them let us know for our planning
    • All payments will be invoiced through PayPal (already include the PayPal processing fee we get charged)
  • $1,575USD per person (Private Room)
    • based on single occupancy (1 person in the room)
    • All payments will be invoiced through PayPal (already include the PayPal processing fee we get charged)
  • 50% Non-Refundable Deposit required at time of booking to confirm spot
  • 50% Non-Refundable balance due by September 15th, 2018
  • 100% payment due up front if booking after September 15th, 2018 (if there are any spots left)

***deposits, balances and full payments are non-refundable unless trip is cancelled by organizer

What’s included:

  • Accommodations (listed below)
  • Photo shoots with all photographers (it is not mandatory to shoot with all photographers during this trip but the shoots are included if you wish to do so)
    • Please make sure you contact the photographer(s) you wish to shoot with to schedule your shoot time well in advance of the trip


We are renting multiple private luxury villas
What’s included: Airport pick-up, cleaning staff, private pools, pool cleaner, breakfast on the first morning after our arrival, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, satellite TV, sound system, wifi, parking area if you rent a vehicle or motor bike.

  • Restaurants are a 5-15 min walk
  • Shops are a 10 min walk 
  • Ice Cream Shops are a 10 min walk 
  • Bali Fitness Seminyak is a 10 min walk
  • Beaches (Seminyak & Petitenget) are a 5 min drive
  • Beach Club (Kudeta, Potato Head, La Laguna) are a 5 - 10 min drive

What’s not included: 

  • Each person is responsible for booking/paying for their own flights (including baggage fees)
  • Food, we will be eating primarily at the local Warungs, meals on average cost approx. $3USD per person
  • Liquor (any alcohol you wish to consume), while most things including food are very cheap in Bali, liquor can be just as much as in Aus/Canada/USA
  • Vehicle rental (if you wish to rent a vehicle for your own use - International Driver's License is required)
    • It is nearly impossible to navigate Bali's minimal streets by car, it is recommended you rent a motor bike or moped if you wish to have your own transportation 

Things to know:

  • Bali has a FREE 30 day entry visa for Canadian, American and Australian Passport holders (this visa can NOT be extended)
  • Respect ALL rules/laws, the Bali legal system is not Aus/USA/Canada. If you are caught with drugs, the Death Penalty is an option in Bali!
  • When exchanging money look for certified places, and ALWAYS count your money before walking away (note: the 2,000IDR and 20,000IDR are almost identical looking notes)
    • $1USD = $14,000IDR (approx)
    • $1CAD = $11,000IDR (approx)
    • $1AUD = $11,000IDR (approx)
      • IDR is the Indonesian Rupiah currency, local currency in Bali
      • If you take out 1.5M IDR for your whole trip you should be pretty good (this is approx. $100USD)
      • There are ATM machines that work with our Bank Cards, but they can be tempermental and have relatively small limits on withdrawl amounts which can cause you to rack up lots of processing fees with your bank if you do this a lot.
      • Make sure to get a good mix of large and small notes, it is not uncommon for vendors to tell you they have no change when you presnt larger notes to try and scam you
  • Purchasing local SIM cards for your mobile phone is easy and generally costs approx. $15USD and comes with 8GB of data and 30min of local calls
  • Please respect the ocean and beaches and do NOT litter
  • If you are planning on doing any surfing, be warned that the ocean in Bali has heavy rip tides and currents and always observe the posted flagging
  • Learn a few local words/phrases to help you along such as: 
    • selamat pagi (good morning/hello) 
    • selemat malam (good night)
    • om suastiastu (hello)
      • Pronounce the phrase as it is spelled. It might help to think of it in three parts "Om Swasti Astu." Place a slight emphasis on the "Om" and the repeated "ast" sounds. "Om SwASti AStu."
    • tolong (please/help)
    • matur suksma (thank you)
    • pamit dumun (good-bye)
    • terima kasih (no thank you)
    • berapa (how much?)
    • tidak (no)
    • kembali (you're welcome)
  • There is a standard 21% tax on most food and services, while some places include in their prices others add it on after, ask if you are not sure
  • If you are going to hire a taxi, we highly recommend Blue Bird Taxi (+62 (0)361 701 111); but beware of knock offs and do NOT get in a taxi without an operational meter running
  • Bring mosquito spray, Zika Virus is real and it exists in Bali (there are no vacines for Zika currently)
  • Bring a small flashlight in the event of power failures
  • Electrical receptacles are 2 prong Europlug style
  • Do not drink the tap water
  • When visiting temples, you must-wear a sarong (usually with sash around your waist). Temples are generally free to visit. However, most keepers will show visitors to a 'donation box', or rent sarongs at the entrance for around 10,000IDR. Always use right hand for gesturing; never left hand or feet
  • Beachwear doesn’t always cut it in Bali – many higher-end bars, restaurants and clubs enforce a dress code.
  • The majority of Bali is Hindu, please be respectful of their religion and customs
  • While the random monkeys and dogs may be cute, they are also frequently carrying rabies, so be cautious (monkeys are also very skilled thieves, seriously)
  • Please bring a re-usable water bottle to avoid buying bottled water, recycling costs money in Bali
  • There are day excursions available to be booked at extra costs if you desire
  • It goes without saying the property and staff must be treated with the upmost respect at all times, any physical damage caused will be billed to the individual(s) responsible
  • Travel insurance is recommended by the organizer (please speak to the provider of your choice for coverage options)
  • In case of emergency dial 110 for the Police and 118 for an Ambulance


Typical and forecasted average temp during trip: highs of 85*F, lows of 70*F

  • Probability of Precipitation: 70% (but rain generally only lasts a short period and then the sun comes back out)
  • Monthly rain fall average: 90mm (3.5")
  • Sunlight hours: 8
  • Humidity: 80%
  • Water Temp: 84*F avg



Here are a few videos showing you the general area of Bali and things nearby:


If you are interested in joining VX2 Magazine in Bali please submit your application form below. All forms will be reviewed, but only those short listed will be contacted. Even if you have already spoken to a representative of the Magazine (or filled out the form for a previous trip) we still need you to fill the application form out.

Please check out some photos below of the luxury villa we will be staying at during our time in Bali: