Jessica Ashley in VX2 Magazine

Studio V Photography and Jessica Ashly featured in VX2 Magazine. How exciting is this? I love getting work published. Here are the magazine shots of the Jessica Ashly photo set. There are more pictures in the series which are not in this post because I didn't shoot the magazine pages but i'll put them up in another blog post soon. This set was from the first shoot I did with Jessica. I had seen her images in other photographer's online portfolios and wanted to shoot her but for whatever reason we were never able to figure out a date that worked for us. So one day she messaged me when she was free and we totally did a spur of the moment shoot. No planning, no fuss, no problem. We shot a few lingerie sets. against a textured red wall I had at the studio at the time and then we shot some beautiful artistic nudes of Jessica rolling around on a mirror. Those came out really awesome. DOUBLE THE JESSICA!!!! hahaha. As you can probably tell her body is all about stunning natural curves. Those pictures to this day still have not been seen publicly. Now that I think about it, I should go revisit those shots and see if I can get them published. Finally we shot this set. Originally this was intended to be a high contrast, ring light, edgy, black and white set but the edgy look has fallen out of vogue in the glamor scene. Even the lighting style in these shots are dated. Everything has changed since I shot these pictures. But in any case Jessica is a character and we had a great time shooting together and have shot together a few time since this first shoot. Keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully there will be some more Jessica Ashly tearsheets coming.