Welcome To The Next Evolution VX2TV

Hey everybody. Most of you know this webpage and brand as VX2 Magazine. Don’t worry the magazine is still around and will operate as it always did. We’ll still be taking submissions for features and covers. (click here for VX2 Magazine submission info) With all that being said magazines as a platform have taken a back seat to more trendy types of media. Video being the new king of the hill. With that in mind we are excited to share with you the next evolution of VX2 in the form of VX2TV.

VX2TV will be an all new YouTube channel. (Please click here and subscribe we would really appreciate it) We are going to jump all over this new video trend and start producing video-editorial content on YouTube instead of only photo-editorial content for VX2 Magazine. This world is changing fast and we have to evolve to keep up with the changes. So without any more delay welcome to the new VX2TV webpage and cheers to a successful evolution.We have also created a new Instagram account for the new business model @VX2TV go give us a follow.

Hope you’re excited because we are.