Timelapse Edit with Karlie V Sal & Photo talk + Dominican Republic Trip + PHOTOS

Here is a timelapse photo edit of a photo I shot with Karli Vanessa Sal earlier in the summer. In this video I talk about a few aspects of the photo edit process. I also drop a teaser about my trip to the Dominican Republic with a bunch of hot glamour models. I intend to bring all my YouTube subscribers with me through a daily vlog of the trip hopefully I don't get distracted. I'm so excited to get down there and shoot a bunch of sexy content.  What the behind the scenes Instagram story video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRyAZ...

Karli Vanessa Sal :: https://www.instagram.com/karlivsal/
Vasko Obscura :: http://www.twitter.com/vaskoobscura