VX2TV Vlog# 25 - Adriana Lishchyna Photoshoot + Photos

Here is an instagram story vlog from a photo shoot with fitness competitor Adriana Lishchyna and her photo shoot with Vasko Obscura (Studio V Photography). Adriana is currently working with us at VX2TV on a mini series as she documents her transformation from everyday body to fitness show ready body. Stay tuned for that.

Photos Shot with a Canon EOS R

Vasko Obscura Links
- Vasko Photography: wedding, commercial and Portrait photography http://www.vasko.ca
- Studio V Photography: Glamour photography http://www.thephoto.ca

:Vasko Obscura: https://www.instagram.com/vaskoobscura
Adriana Lishchyna: https://www.instagram.com/adilishchyna/

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