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VX2 Magazine Issue 16. It's our sweet 16 issue featuring TV host, actress and model Talia Russo on the cover. 

Other models featured in the magazine include: Angel Constance, Bree Leigh, Frankie Kennedy, Nami Nguyen, Sarah Ve, Stephanie Lusk. 

Contributing Photographers: Jamie Torrance, Mark Wong, Paul Venomous, Shane Devlin, Studio V Photography

VX2 Magazine issue 15 Karlie Vanessa Sal Studio V Photography

VX2 Magazine Issue 15

Featuring cover model Karlie Vanessa Sal along with Amanda Leigh, Chelsea Amanda, Crystal Maude, Dita Shord’ay, Kasin L, Kyla-Belle Love, Molly Rennick, Paul Venomous, Poya, Ron Hansen and Studio V Photography

VX2 Magazine Issue 14

VX2 Magazine Issue 14

Featuring cover model and Canadian hop-hop artist Bella Ricchi shot by Studio V Photography. Check out her hot pictorial and interview.

Models featured: Amber Emery, Bailey Chayse, Emily Green, Frankie Kennedy, Katie Pfirsch, Marie Pier C. St Jean, Rachel Malloukl, Serene Zena and Shaelynn Kimber

Contributing Photographers: Brandon Liddy, Chris Aune, Jay Shang, Mark Wong, Poya, Satio Photography and Studio V Photography

VX2 Magazine Vol. 2 The Miami Issue


All photos for this issue were shot during a VX2 Beach Party trip to Miami Florida by VX2 Magazine photographers Paul Venomous and Studio V Photography. 

Cover model: The beautiful Brooklyn Lambart shot by Paul Vanomous

Models featured: Crystal Maude, Heather Shanholtz, Irina Key, Isidora Perez-Ingio, Jisel Lynn, Melissa Garcia, Paola Diaz, Rachael Markovic, Sam Mathias, Sarah Elainna and Shanna Lamy

Contributing Photographers: Paul Venomous and Studio V Photography


About VX2 Magazine

VX2 Magazine is an art photography magazine focusing on creative photos of beautiful woman. At the moment we rely on magazines sales to make this process worth the effort. In the future as our marketing revenue grows we hope to be able to pay photographers for their amazing work. So buy a magazine and support an artist. 



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